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Sailor — Icelandic Wool Blanket

Sailor — Icelandic Wool Blanket

16.800 kr
16.800 kr
Þarf að vera 1 stk eða fleiri

Sailor blanket is a striped blanket inspired by maritime culture and colors. It is the newest edition to our fringe blankets and an update to the check patterns Geysir wool blankets are known for.

The Icelandic sheep is an ancient breed whose double-layered coat is uniquely suited to cold and wet conditions of Iceland. It spends the entire summer grazing the mountains, growing wool that has kept the Icelandic people warm for generations. 

  • 100% Icelandic Wool
  • Made in Lithuania
  • 130 x 170 cm (51.2 x 66.9 In)
  • Fringe finishing
  • Wash in lukewarm water
  • Dry flat